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Baby Isabelle

My boss recently had her baby and I was able to visit her two weeks after she was born. Oh. My. Goodness. Babies are small– I know that’s rather intuitive, but really… Isabelle is so tiny! I said to my boss “I was never this small!” Which is a true fact. Isabelle came in at 6lbs 1oz… I came into this world at a hefty 8lbs 6oz. Poor momma 😉 I think B was worried that I would go through the “I want to have a baby– meaning I want to get married now” phase but it wasn’t that at all. I was just in such awe and inspired by this little human being. It is so amazing how you can love someone so much when you barley know her. Seeing my boss and her husband interact with her was just amazing. This inspires me to make sure that I have the right man, so that later he and I can begin a family and bring a precious life into this world. It’s those huge life moments that make me so excited to grow old.

Note: that precious life will then live in a bubble– especially if it’s a girl. Most recently, this story kills me. I can’t imagine being that mother… losing that individual that you love more than life. Though I guess that’s something you can’t really worry about and you must just take life as it comes. Hopefully you have someone to stand strong by you through the good and the bad.



I’m slammed at work… but today… I will post the puppy that I would die for. I’m inspired to get him one day!

Update: He is a yorkiepoo. And my cousin’s cousin’s dog… I guess that makes her my cousin once removed?? 🙂 Happy puppy lovin!

What I’d Like to Wear

I follow this woman’s blog and tend to like her outfits more than others that I follow. This outfit I’m in love with and totally inspires me to creat something like it. Unfortunately, nearly everything she has on is vintage… but I’ll find a way to create something like it. I find that I constantly need to be inspired with clothing. I’ll see people walking on the streets and think “ooo that’s a cute outfit… I can do that!” and will create something from it. While I know this is not a deep or too inspiring of a post… it’s something that made me happy today. So there. 🙂

Thanks for the Water

I will be truly surprised if I still have a job come July. I find myself upset that I work long hours, for little pay and with no end in sight. Then I remember to be grateful that I even have a job at this time… and if I do lose it, well then I’ll just figure out something new. It’s hard to find inspration in times like these… but then you have to remember all of the positives.

For example, at least I have clean water to drink every day. Click here to learn more about those who don’t have clean water. Every day, 4,200 children die of water-related diseases… so sad. But the inspirational part about it is that you can help, for so little! It’s so amazing to me that there are people who dedicate their entire lives to helping others.

Amazing Advertising

Working in advertising I’m constantly around creative people and creative ideas. Recently with this recession, many ideas, desires and hopes have been lost. We’ve been left with going back to a routine and oh my goodness…. it is boring. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to have to hold on like this for awhile until something gets fixed. In the mean time, I’m totally inspired by this guerilla campaign (picture below from the same site). How compelling is that?

**Note: Not too into the dead child at the bottom of the pool, THAT freaks me out.

Inspiration to (finally) Get Fit

“My New Years’ Resolution is to Lose Weight” is something I have said since sophomore year of high school when I started putting it on. (This all game once I realized my plans to play soccer or basketball into college were over– my knees weren’t on the same track that I was– but then again, neither was my heart.) Over the past 7 years I have had a constant battle with my weight and did everything the unhealthy way. Until about a year ago. About a year ago I finally just got it together. Started eating much healthier, exercising more, though not consistently, and just got more of a “can do” attitude. This completely changed my attitude and perspective on life. Throughout the past three years I have lost a little weight here and a little weight there, but my body is not where I want it to be. I want to have a tight stomach that I feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in. I want to be able to run a few miles outside and not feel as if a steel curtain was literally hung right in front of me by the end of it. The past 8 months I’ve really gotten it together. While my weight isn’t where I’d like it, and my physical ability isn’t quite there yet either… I’m still inspired. And I’m inspired to keep going! Self Magazing has been one of those added inspiration boosters. While I rarely do any of the movements they suggest, I do love reading everyone’s stories and hearing about what should be going in and out of my body. Furthermore… staring at women that look like this everday helps get my rear into gear as well. That’s one of the hard parts of working in magazines… staring at perfectly tonned women… but it’s also a good thing- just make sure you let it inspire you!

Keep motived…

Beautiful Mess

Those who art & craft all the time inspire me. Those who create inspire me. I love watching and learning from the things that other people make. I take little adventures at a time but can’t fully dive in? Why you ask? Because I’m a neat freak. Neat freaks aren’t artists. haha but I am so inspired by those artists around me. I’m beginning to bake… and by bake, I mean follow what the box tells me to do. I’ve found such a joy in making cupcakes for my coworkers. While they don’t taste like any of the things that KG makes… I still love bringing joy into lives as I feel cupcakes somehow magically do (so does cake) . This will be my next co-worker birthday adventure: rainbow cake I’ll have to try it out first so I can make sure it doesn’t taste like death. Funny thing about that cake… is the below picture is what inspired me most to make it. It’s messy, and messy scares me… but it’s gorgeous and exciting and totally inspires me to bake some rainbow cake!