Beautiful Mess

Those who art & craft all the time inspire me. Those who create inspire me. I love watching and learning from the things that other people make. I take little adventures at a time but can’t fully dive in? Why you ask? Because I’m a neat freak. Neat freaks aren’t artists. haha but I am so inspired by those artists around me. I’m beginning to bake… and by bake, I mean follow what the box tells me to do. I’ve found such a joy in making cupcakes for my coworkers. While they don’t taste like any of the things that KG makes… I still love bringing joy into lives as I feel cupcakes somehow magically do (so does cake) . This will be my next co-worker birthday adventure: rainbow cake I’ll have to try it out first so I can make sure it doesn’t taste like death. Funny thing about that cake… is the below picture is what inspired me most to make it. It’s messy, and messy scares me… but it’s gorgeous and exciting and totally inspires me to bake some rainbow cake!


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