Inspiration Necessary

I am someone who needs to be inspired every day. Each day I wake up I look for something to keep me going, to give me ideas, to get me dressed, to get me through the day, to remind me of what a blessing life is. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire you out there in blog land.

Today after a terrible day and a root canal, I found my father to be my inspiration. His job (dentist) is not easy. Me, the daughter of a dentist, hates going to see him (though I love my father). It amazes me the time, effort and attention he puts into his work. And while my face hurts and I had to hold my mouth open for over two hours and I hated every second, I appreciate and am inspired by how hard and carefully he works. Thank God there are people like him who are able to do all of the things in life that we need… but that we all dread.

Thanks D… your inspiration is overwhelming.

In case you were wondering:

Yea– I’d rather not have one of those again. But I’m grateful and inspired by the man who does them every day.


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