Inspiration to (finally) Get Fit

“My New Years’ Resolution is to Lose Weight” is something I have said since sophomore year of high school when I started putting it on. (This all game once I realized my plans to play soccer or basketball into college were over– my knees weren’t on the same track that I was– but then again, neither was my heart.) Over the past 7 years I have had a constant battle with my weight and did everything the unhealthy way. Until about a year ago. About a year ago I finally just got it together. Started eating much healthier, exercising more, though not consistently, and just got more of a “can do” attitude. This completely changed my attitude and perspective on life. Throughout the past three years I have lost a little weight here and a little weight there, but my body is not where I want it to be. I want to have a tight stomach that I feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in. I want to be able to run a few miles outside and not feel as if a steel curtain was literally hung right in front of me by the end of it. The past 8 months I’ve really gotten it together. While my weight isn’t where I’d like it, and my physical ability isn’t quite there yet either… I’m still inspired. And I’m inspired to keep going! Self Magazing has been one of those added inspiration boosters. While I rarely do any of the movements they suggest, I do love reading everyone’s stories and hearing about what should be going in and out of my body. Furthermore… staring at women that look like this everday helps get my rear into gear as well. That’s one of the hard parts of working in magazines… staring at perfectly tonned women… but it’s also a good thing- just make sure you let it inspire you!

Keep motived…


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