Baby Isabelle

My boss recently had her baby and I was able to visit her two weeks after she was born. Oh. My. Goodness. Babies are small– I know that’s rather intuitive, but really… Isabelle is so tiny! I said to my boss “I was never this small!” Which is a true fact. Isabelle came in at 6lbs 1oz… I came into this world at a hefty 8lbs 6oz. Poor momma 😉 I think B was worried that I would go through the “I want to have a baby– meaning I want to get married now” phase but it wasn’t that at all. I was just in such awe and inspired by this little human being. It is so amazing how you can love someone so much when you barley know her. Seeing my boss and her husband interact with her was just amazing. This inspires me to make sure that I have the right man, so that later he and I can begin a family and bring a precious life into this world. It’s those huge life moments that make me so excited to grow old.

Note: that precious life will then live in a bubble– especially if it’s a girl. Most recently, this story kills me. I can’t imagine being that mother… losing that individual that you love more than life. Though I guess that’s something you can’t really worry about and you must just take life as it comes. Hopefully you have someone to stand strong by you through the good and the bad.


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