Taco (and Wine) Tuesday

Last night I got to experience my first Taco Tuesday with the Newport boys! Because I had an early meeting Wednesday morning in Newport, I went down there for the night. One of the guys said “Man, we can just never get to bed early” and proceded to elaborate on their weekly social schedule- Monday= House and 24 (complete with Jack Daniels… think Jack with Jack… and followed by a serious session of Wii bowling), Tuesday= Taco Tuesday, Wednesday= Softball and Thursday= their first time to rest. I realized that- my word… I am boring! However, I enjoy my schedule, I enjoy going home to my apartment and watching my shows with a glass… err sometimes bottle… of wine and then waking up early and hitting the gym. Today, I am a zombie. The boys kept me up late and I’m now old. 😉 However $1 tacos ($2 if you get shrimp which I entirely recommend) and a glass (insert bottle) of wine (I broke the tacos and beer rule) was such a wonderful way to break up a week!

Because I do Taco Tuesday a little different...

Because I do Taco Tuesday a little different...

Note: The hairy legis Blake’s… not mine… Thank you God.

Note2: Yes, Blake has the most gigantic calves ever.

Note3: Yea, I didn’t know people still watched Jeopardy either…

Also… another note… I’ve need to creat a Taco Tuesday crew in the South Bay. Takers? As much as I love the idea of a happy hour group… I never get out of work at a happy hour, alas… 7:30pm Taco time will have to suffice!


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