Philippe’s Famous French Dip

Don't mind the sawdust on the floor!

 I had quite the busy weekend! I was asked to stand in for the house mother of my sorority. Friday we (Blake, Hoff and I) went up to LA. The boys hung out at their old fraternity (with mind you has the nicest new house!) and I stayed for awhile but was exhausted so returned to the house to watch some TV and be a huge bum (my word I forget how much I love relaxing). Saturday Hoff had one request… to go toPhilippe’s

The line is well worth it!

The line is well worth it!

I had never been there before which blew both of the boys’ minds. Mind you, I don’t eat red meat or lamb or pork, so it’s not exactly a hot spot for picky eaters. However… oh. my. gosh. It was amazing! I got the turkey dip and it was truly the best thing I have ever eaten! Hoff and Blake both got the beef (double dipped) and Hoff included a slice of coconut cream pie! The pie was, wow… creamie, but so delishious! We enjoyed stuffing our face on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon! If you haven’t discovered this LA historic spot (it’s celebrating it’s 100th year) I would truly suggest that you make your way down there sometime.




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