I am a reading machine.


By machine… I mean, I have finally finished the first book (and ahem, only book) I’ve decided to read since graduating from college… so I’m maybe more of a nut to the machine. But no worries, I will soon be molded into a properly working reading machine. B’s mom had this Book, Skinny Bitch (by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin) on her coffee table months ago. She has read every health book under the sun and swears that one of these days, one will stick! Mind you, she looks great, so I’m assuming they’ve stuck!

To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the book. I think there was a lot of good, and there were many things that I will take to heart, and then there was a lot of… well blah. I think I told Skinny Bitch to go “f” herself more than one time… but after the end of the chapter, I decided I didn’t hate her as much as I had originally planned on. There are many different aspects of a holistic living that these women touch upon. In short, SB told me to become a vegan and stop drinking. To which I politely say, “F you.” However, they also touch upon the threats and dangers of aspertain (as well as other drugs). If you google aspertain as I did here you’ll notice the first four pages of hits are all asking the question “Is aspertain deadly?” or “Is aspertain safe?” or “What are the side effects of aspertain?” With all of the skepticism… you have to figure something is seriously wrong with the faux sugar. SB had a compelling and frightening chapter about how the drug was approved and the connections that individuals high up in the FDA had with those high up in the Aspertain biz. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, however it does make you take a second and think. (As a note, they recomended Stevia which can be bought at places like Whole Foods.) SB also talked about slaughter houses… which in all honesty, I skimmed through. I don’t eat red meat as it is (not because I think I’m saving the world… simply because it reallllly grosses me out) so I decided to fly right past those. SB then said “Now don’t tell me you’re one of those ‘I don’t eat red meat’ pretentious aholes” to which I said… “well, not pretentious….”

In the long run, I’d recommend reading the book. It’s good to hear different things about the nutrients you’re putting into your body. I’ve since kicked coffee and now have a mug of green tea with a splash of soy milk (the soy milk truly sweetens the tea to perfection).

Happy healthy livin and readin…

P.S. Last night I started David Sedaris’ “Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy.” Which you can find,  here . Seems entertaining so far… we’ll see how long I take to get through this one! 😀


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