I hate the end of April. I’ll explain that at a later date… but right now, I’m not liking April 9th too much either. All over the news today was the the story about the Angel’s Pitcher Nick Adenhar… an a hole of a drunk driver crashed into his girlfriend’s car killin 3 out of the the 4 people in the car. Henry Pearson and Jon Wilhite (only survivor) are guys that I went to high school with. Jon is one of my friends…. my heart and prayers and hopes are with Jon and the Wilhite family.

Jon Wilhite

I don’t mean to be selfish… but I’d really prefer not to go through the loss of another friend. They’ve put Jon in an induced coma… something they did to Devin too. God, please let this story end differently. And, my God. I miss you D.

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