My Thursday Night Dinner

After hearing all of the crazy news of what had happened to Jon and crew I went home to sit with my mom. I walked in the kitchen and she asked if I wanted a glass of wine. Not missing a beat I replied “Yes.” She poured me a glass and I stood around and answered questions about the accident. She then asked what I would like for dinner. I walked to the fridge, opened it, scanned the shelves then opened the freezer. I quickly reached for the box of ice cream cones and responded:  “THIS.” She looked at me waiting for me to laugh and say that I was just kidding. I then proceeded to open up the ice cream cone, jump onto the counter and asked her to hand me my wine. She, in disbelief, handed me the glass and then began to crack up. By this point in time my mother realized I was completely serious on my dinner selection. She then mustered up the courage to ask, “Really?!” I responded with words I will now live by, “Mom. Life is short. Sometimes you just need to have wine and an ice cream cone for dinner.” She smiled in agreement and said “Hand me a glass.”

Mother insisted that this be documented.

Mother insisted that this be documented.

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