I’ve been slammed at work and slammed in my life, so I haven’t gotten a chance to update and share… but I will soon. I had the most amazing Easter that I think I’ve ever had. I loved and cherished my time with my family, B and friends. It was so nice. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by some of the most phenomenal people to touch this earth. Seriously, they’re that rad.

For a quick share time… how hillarious is this photo?! My mother is the crazy cat lady,  but this… man… this is far.

Below are my mother’s little fur balls. I’m not going to lie… while I totally want a dog, these cats have some of the largest personalities I’ve ever seen in cats. They’re awesome. (They were rescue animals that were found in the gutter– brother and sister– hence their names: Hansel and Gretel.)

Hansel & Grettle Getting Their Bath On
Hansel & Gretel Getting Their Bath On

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