Resurrection Day

Easter weekend was the best one I’ve had yet. Friday BKS flew in to be closer in case anything happened with Jon (we’re still waiting to see how surgery went) and we spent the day baking. First we baked cupcakes for the birthday party we were attending that night. It was for two girls and a guy so naturally I opted to split the cupcakes into thirds and dyed the frosting in three different colors.img00740 Purple was for JL, Pink was for PR and Blue was for BL. The three of them were so excited when they came out… I realized at that moment that I loved baking! I love the excitement and pleasure it brings people. Oh… and BL’s had Dinosaur sprinkles. Oh yes.

I must admit… I cheated for these and used Pillsbury’s Funfetti Cake Mix.

BUT… then the real baking (by real, I’m meaning all home made) began! We baked the most delicious Carrot Cake (my great aunt’s recipe) though I learned that I need to double the frosting (which is true of moth thing… oh frosting, I love thee). We then made Turtle bars (chocolate and caramel) which I thought were meh… but I’m also not a normal girl and don’t like chocolate.

Saturday we enjoyed a day in the sun at the Angel’s game. We stood at the memorial for Nick Adenhart to pay our respects. I spent the majority of the time praying for healing for the families and friends of Nick, Henry and Courtney and for a quick and successful healing for Jon. The game was great… though we ended up losing with bases loaded… seriously, I realllly dislike all Boston teams.img00755

Sunrise Easter Service was amazing. Brunch at A.A’s was amazing. And the Sunset walk with the fam and BKS was even better.

I am blessed.


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