There are so many different things that I aspire to do… while I know that statement is so incredibly broad, there’s not a way to simplify it correctly. I want to do almost everything from A to Z. Seriously. I’ve signed up and accomplished a few things recently and have been more upset that I didn’t have a list to cross them off… which is silly because I should be excited that I’m experiencing them (which of course I am happy about too). So, while I am incredibly anal (working on this) and organized… this is a list that is going to have to develop over time. And this means that I will add things on just to cross them off after I’ve done them… because a lot of times I do things and then I realize that I wanted to do it. (Like a “Oh yea! I’ve always wanted to do that!” moment.) So, you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Elise always does a list around her birthday… a 24 things I want to accomplish during my 24th year. Well, 24 doesn’t come for another 4.5 months and I don’t want to take up spots that some spontaneous event wants to take. So, in a hurry to make up 23, I’ll make a list of 23 things that I want to accomplish (or have accomplished… or haven’t known that I wanted to accomplish yet, but did- hooray). Simply said… it’s the To Do list for 23 (just about 7.5 month’s late- and not entirely complete yet). Whatever, I do what I want. 😉

The 23 To-DO

  1. Go to a music festival
  2. Visit and experience a new place
  3. Go to Idaho during the summer time
  4. Learn to wake board
  5. Get in the best shape of my life- physically
  6. Stop cussing (I blame my job)
  7. Read 4 books (I’m into #2 right now)
  8. Try Bikram Yoga
  9. Do a benefit walk (4/26/09 Parkinson’s Beach Brigade)
  10. Learn to like running
  11. Go to an away SC game
  12. Become a USC football season ticket holder
  13. Get promoted
  14. Road Trip
  15. Do something great for my parents
  16. Horse back ride below the Hollywood sign
  17. Grow spiritually
  18. Go Golfing (at least once!)
  19. Go to the batting cages and learn to hit a ball
  20. Go To a Laker Playoff Game (4/27/09 Final game in round 1!)
  21. TBD
  22. TBD
  23. TBD

At the LB Grand Prix- enjoying the sun and the world!


Alright world… here I come! 🙂


At the LB Grand Prix- enjoying the sun and the world!

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