Cupcake Lovin’

For those of you who’ve been around me within the last six months, you’ll know that I’ve become a cupcake makin’, lovin’ woman. Oh man. I just LOOOOVE to make them! So easy, so fun and they’re the perfect size. Way better than cake in my opinion. Though, I’m not going to lie, I do love cake. 😀


While I’ve recently discovered the wonderfulness that are cupcakes (seriously, I’ve become enamored with them)… just today did I learn that they can also be stylish! Thanks so much Black*Eiffel for sharing!

I seriously want a shirt (or dress, bathing suit, heels, a scarf… shoot, anything) out of that first cupcake liner. What a cute print that is!! Gimme!

Hmmmm… that reminds me… I do have a birthday party BBQ to attend on Sunday. Maybe I’ll make a surprise batch. Yum!

What is your best cupcake recipe?


2 responses to “Cupcake Lovin’

  1. i don’t have a recipe, (box mix, baby) but i adore that cupcake liner too. maybe we email them and request fabric?

  2. Now I want a cupcake! yummmieeeee. i love your cupcakes!!

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