Purple Potion

As I’ve mentioned before, I work with magazines. Today I had a little free time so I looked through the pile of fashion magazines I had on my desk. Constantly- bright nail polish. I’ve done hot pink before (B will remember this– it was “Cruise Spring Break Pink”) but all of these were emphasizing blues and greens and yellows and purples… open up the newest “People Style Watch” and you will see what I’m talking about. Colors colors colors.

After an unsuccessful yoga and craft mission (I realized my mat was at B’s- the ones at the gym are foul- and my pictures were all left at work, wooops) I stopped by CVS and decided to make an adventure towards the nail polish isle. I couldn’t do the blue… you see my Aunt is the woman who still wears blue eye shadow… and while many magazines say it’s “in” again– well, no. no it is not and you should be ashamed for telling people that. She looks like she’s turning into an Oompah Loompah- blue=bad. Conversation over.

The green, well the green makes you look like you have fungus growing on your fingers- and seeing that I’m a bit of a germaphobe- this is nasty, the yellow like you peed on your nails (see previous comment)… and the purple, well, I figured the purple was the best shot. So I gave it a real good try. I’m someone who commits… so, I finally ditched the black painted toes as well (though it’s the prettiest black you’ve ever seen) and added the purple to the toes as well.

I mean, sure, they’re pretty, they have a shimmer to them and when they hit the light they have a slight blue… not enough to where it puts me into a panic… but just a little shimmer of the ocean. They look like an 80’s party dress all wrapped into one color. But not the 80’s that puts your eyeballs into a epileptic shock, but more the 80’s colors that make you go “OOoooooo fun!”

Here’s the thing. I can’t help but think they look like my fingers did the day before Easter. You know, when I spent hours dying eggs. I found a liking to the pink and blue (pink for obvious reasons… blue because it took the least amount of time to actually dye the egg) and therefore my fingers came out purple. But oh man, I had some good looking eggs.

So what if I went out to the bars that night with some funky looking figures. Long story short… the jury is out on the purple. Purple Passion can be found here.

Though, you paint at your own risk!


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