Hello Summer

While maybe summer isn’t quite here yet… it sure feels like it! Sunday was such a wonderful day spending hours basking in the sun! We were celebrating a friend’s 27th birthday… though you would have thought it was more of a 21st! BA and MS have such a great apartment complex! I loved their grass area, bbq pits (though they were a little difficult to grill on as flames were erupting from the base), wonderful pool and glorious jacuzzi. I spent the majority of the afternoon around the jacuzziwith BA’s baseball buddie’s girlfriendsfinaces. It was such a different world to hear three woman all sit around and chat about their upcoming weddings. From debates and arguments that occurred with friends (I’ve been told to snatch and claim your date as soon as possible, and even then this will cause problems— huh? I’d like to think my friends are all more understanding than that!), to finding “the dress,” to searching for the location… wow! So crazy. While I do have two friends who are married and three who are engaged I’m not around them all of the time so it’s not as much of an immersion. It makes me wonder if all of my friends will be engaged at the same time (obviously not likely… but it was interesting that three best friends were all engaged together). Fortunately… that’s a ways off. 😉

Before we went to the bbq I spotted an amazing pool side dress in a boutique window by B’s apartment. As soon as we got to his house I informed him that I’d be right back and began a jog to get the dress! Along with a successful dress find, I found this amazing summer ring! Hooray to pool side BBQ’s. funring

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