Just Call me Superwoman

Happy Give Blood Day!!

Okay, it’s not the correct holiday, but, that’s what I’m doing today at work!! (Side note… it’s actually National Day of Reason according to the calendar girls… so I think I’m celebrating in the best way possible! Read on to understand the reason you should give blood!)

Every few months a blood drive truck comes to our office to allow us the opportunity to save FOUR LIVES (Day of Reason: CHECK). How cool is that?! Literally, all you do is get pinched a little, hang out and chat, get some juice and a piece of candy and SHAZAM! you’ve saved four lives! Pretty rad if you ask me! We’re really fortunate that our company sets this up so it’s so convenient for us to just walk outside and into a bus (and ahem: we get a one free vacation day if we give blood- only one per year, but still– what a great company!). However, it’s still really easy for you to give blood as well. Check out the Red Cross website HERE! I love that the website’s name is: Give Life (dot org). So cool. So true. Honestly… it’s the easiest way to help out the world. Our blood banks are starved for some extra fluids!

Okay… I should probably now enlighten you on my history with giving blood. I really love how easy it is to do, but if you know me… I always manage to have a story- with everything I do (which is mostly why I started this blog).

Time #1: The first time I gave blood since starting work here was Setpember 12th. I remember this perfectly becuase it was the day before my birthday. I was very paniced that I wasn’t allowed to drink (called Dad he said “Nah! It’s fine. You’ll just be a cheaper date!” Love you D!) I was pretty worked up about giving blood… just a lot of anxiety but was really excited about it. The other assistant at that time, S and our supervisor M were also giving blood. M swore that she gave blood faster than anyone she knew. I told her that I’d beat her… I’m sorry, I’m competitive. Sure enough, I kicked her tail (go blood!). After I finished I was freezing and asked if I could get up and go outside. I told them all that I felt great, but I was cold and would rather sit outside in the gorgeous sun then in the freezing bus. I got outside and my coworker looked at me and asked, “Are you alright?” My response… was to pass out.

I came too on the concrete outside of my office with a wet towel on my face and people running frantically all around me. Woops. Turns out I probably should have waited. 🙂 When I came back to my desk my Supervisor was laughing and I said “Whatever, I won!” Her response: “You may have won the battle, but I won the war!” Touche supervisor, touche.

 We treated ourselves to a wonderful lunch after saving lives!

Time #2: I went through all of the paperwork and was told that my iron was too low. Boo! Here was the conversation with me and the nurse: 

N: “You need to eat more spinach.”

Me: “I had a large spinach salad for lunch.”

N: “Well then you need more broccoli.”

Me: “My salad had brocoli… trust me, I eat my veggies.”

N: “Hmmm, I’m not too sure then.”

Me (in my head): Stupid lady… I don’t eat red meat… why aren’t you saying red meat anywhere in there!?

Side note: I’m now taking iron supplements.

Time #3: Is TBD. Go time is 1pm.

Update: SUCCESS!!! bloodgivn (And why yes I did match my wrap to my nails!)

So, my note to you today is… go give blood! Unless for some reason you can’t (your body is a canvas, you have the hivie, you have been traveling with apes recently, your iron sucks, you weigh too little (eat a burger, please) or you’ve got some medical reason that you can’t…) do it!! Seriously, give me a good reason why you aren’t saving FOUR LIVES as often as possible. Don’t be a whimp.

Happy life saving day,



One response to “Just Call me Superwoman

  1. the calendar girls

    oh you’re so cute! good work on giving blood.

    thanks for the shoutout- that’s a pretty damn good reasonable celebration.

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