A Weekend for the Record Books

Oh hello world. This weekend was intense… to say the least. All of the craziness began on Wednesday and continued until Sunday.

Wednesday night we went to the Maxim Hot 100 party that was held in Santa Monica. We saw the usual celebs… Kardashians, etc… nothing too exciting in all honesty. (The Us Weekly party was about a month ago and at My House- which was much more enjoyable.) The venue was too large and just dull. Although, the Ferris wheel in the middle was exciting. Also, B was able to join… so that (of course) made it more enjoyable! We also did our first “strip pictures” in a photo booth which came out semi successful seeing that I was just laughing the whole time.

My boss and I at the Maxim Hot 100

My boss and I at the Maxim Hot 100

Thursday I came into work with a sore throat but powered through the day. That night, Blake and I walked down to a bar downtown Manhattan to watch the Lakers get totally raped (ugh!) and then came home to watch the 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. OMG! Did you watch? I laughed, I cried… amazing. It was hard knowing that both of those people were (or are going to) die seeing as they both want out of their contract. But otherwise, it was fully enjoyable.

Friday was USC graduation day. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I graduated! While I looooved college… the last year of my life really has been wonderful! I tried to tell all of my friends that I promised, it only got better from here… but they didn’t seem to believe me. Alas, they’ll see soon enough that graduated life is a blast! I love having my independence and being self sustaining.

My favorite graduate and regraduate (she got her masters!)

My favorite graduate and regraduate (she got her masters!)

Arnold Schwartzenager (aka Govenator) was the graduation speaker. He was amazing! Truly cracked us up the entire time, while also giving an amazing speech. He gave two sets of his tips to success in life. The first set was a set of his personal three:

  • Move to America
  • Work your butt off
  • Marry a Kennedy

Amazing. For those of us who a. life in America or b. probably won’t marry a Kennedy… he gave us another set of 6. I can’t recall all of them but I remember the following: Trust Yourself, Ignore the Nay-Sayers, Don’t be Afraid to Fail, Take Chances…. and so forth. Really was a wonderful speaker. Afterwards we went to three separate graduation parties. That being said, we were in bed by 9pm. We were dead… not to mention, I was coming down with the plague.

Saturday we made our way to a bar crawl birthday party (this was the first of three birthdays we attended on Sat!). This was the most creative bar crawl I’ve ever attended. Upon our arrival we received a T-Shirt with a huge Mad Lib across it detailing the day and the destinations. It was a great way to know the schedule and to also fill in fun (and totally inappropriate) words. So fun, such a cute idea (which I will definitely steal eventually!). I know it’s hard to read… but here’s a shot of the shirt:

Mad Libin'

Mad Libin'

Note: Make sure you aren’t wearing a brand new white bathing suit under your shirt and the sharpies do bleed through (woops).


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