One of THOSE Weekends

You know, the kind of weekend that puts a smile on your face for days. The kind of weekend that you almost cry when you’re driving home at the end of it because it was so great and the idea of it being over is absolutely awful. Yeah, it was one of those weekends. And while I am so sad that it is over… oh man, was it great!

Let me clarify first… that I took Thursday and Friday off… and Monday was a holiday… so one of the reasons it was so great is that it was fivedays long. Oh my, five whole days of glory and bliss and fun and excitement and new adventures! Seeing that my camera is kaput, I used B’s to document the weekend… so we’ll have to wait for him to upload his pictures (ahem… do you read this even? ) and once he does I’ll give a photo summary (for now you get photos a-la-blackberry).

Thursday morning I had planned to go to the gym. bootBut, instead… I went shoe shopping at Nordstrom who, to my surprise, is having their half yearly sale (victory!). I spent 25 minutes in there and walked out with fournew pairs of shoes. Three flats and one pair of oo-la-la heels: I know the picture isn’t very good… but they’re so amazing and incredibly comfortable (so rare!). AND they were on sale which makes them that much hotter.


I then headed straight to B’s to the WINNEBAGO where we proceeded to JIMMY BUFFET! If you have the opportunity to go see Jimmy Buffet in concert, please do so (you can find his tour schedule here. Buffet Boys- Nick and JohnYour senses (all of them) will thank you.   Honestly, it was SUCH a blast. We drank, we sang, we bumped into strangers longtime friends! (We had no idea that each other was going to be there… of course I’d know the guy walking around in a cardboard boat!) His concerts pack such a huge amount of fun… and the age range is crazy. From 7 week old babies to old men in wheel chairs… Jimmy has something for everyone! 😉


Friday it was off to beautiful sunny San Diego! On Saturday we walked through a farmers market in Little Italy, got lunch at a Brewery and laid around poolside. apoolsideTough life, right? 😉 Saturday evening we went to a Padres game (such an amazing stadium) where I discovered the 5 for $5 deal. I won’t type it out because my friends are rather tired of me ranting about it (I should note though, I was a- shall we say- few drinks in when I discovered the glorious 5 for 5 deal and then proceeded to rant about it all weekend)- if you want to know what it is, I’ll elaborate for you. But go, go to Padres stadium and bring 5 (or $10 if you want to sub the soda for a beer- duh) and you’ll have everything you need! For our friend’s bday we went out in the Gas Lamp District… so much fun out there! Just crazy good times.

Sunday was a day at sea! For B’s birthday last year I bought him an excursion for two on one of the America’s Cup sailboats. (I bought this from Xperience Days. Which is a great website that provides different fun adventures that you can give as gifts… a ton of great and fun ideas! boatNote: the site may charge more than the actual excursions cost, so you may want to go on the website and get ideas and then research those adventures (i.e. sailing on America’s Cup boat) by yourself. However, a really good part about it is it comes in a nice gift box and is all ready to go for you whenever you want to call the number… nice, easy and trustworthy.) We went on the famous Stars & Stripes boat and raced Abracadabra three times. Our boat won the first and last time… therefore, we’re the winners! 🙂 This trip wasn’t just a relax and lay back sailing trip but you really got the “America’s Cup Experience” which was so much fun! I got to steer the ship, but mostly worked the coffee grinders with B. And by work… clearly I mean I held one while B twisted them like crazy. Thank goodness for strong men! 🙂

Monday was spent basking in the sun and bbq’ing with friends… exactly what a memorial day should be!

So sad the weekend is over… though so happy it’s already Tuesday!  🙂


One response to “One of THOSE Weekends

  1. yay! fun five days!

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