Remember This

So yesterday I had one of those cry-on-your-drive-home days.

Today started like this: CB =boss (#1 out of three basically)

Me: So these are one of my new pairs of shoes… I’m not totally sure that I like them

CB: They loook like you’re from biblical times

Me: Well maybe I am

CB: Anti-Christ, is that you?

It was then that I knew today was going to be a good day. The day then continued like this… I decided to cut a pair of sunglasses out of a magazine (Nylon if you were wondering/wanted to make your own pair) and then put a piece of tape (folded as to not strip me of the little hair I have) all the way around so it would sit on my head nicely.

I learned two things:

  1. I’m very good at estimating the size of my head.
  2. The Carerra glasses don’t look too good on me.

While in full laughter my boss then proceeds to gchats me… conversation like this:

CB:  What are you wearing?
 me:  nothing
 CB:  I’m watching you
 me:  I’m maked
 CB:  maked?!
nothing but whipped cream
and a cherry
but you have to fnd it

And yes… maked… it’s the new naked (kinda like having a job is the new black… just sayin’).

It’s days like this that I have to remember that I have a pretty sweet job. Oh… and I’d totally quit if it wasn’t for the crazy b*atch that sits behind me (well that and the fact that I’d be broke and jobless since this economy blows– seriously eco– get it together).

Happy Weds!

Oh, and for your smiles: stunna


One response to “Remember This

  1. I told you you’d be bored without me. You forgot about Beckham’s penis…

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