Cupcake Tour

Today my coworkers and I were graced by the glory of cupcakes from Vanilla Bakeshop.




You must must must try the Pumpkin Cupcake:

Pumpkin is on the left, Choclate Penaut Butter on the right

Pumpkin is on the left, Chocolate Peanut Butter on the right

Sweet Pumpkin Cake,
Cream Cheese Frosting,
Dusted with Graham Cracker and SpicesPumpkin

The catch is… you must go on Tuesday as they have daily cupcake specials. Are you stopping by my office tomorrow? If so… you should bring one of Wednesday’s specials… how amazing does the Spicy Carrot one sound (can you tell I love love love cream cheese frosting!) or, I’ll make it easy… my ideal cupcake calendar:

Monday: Banana Chocolate Chip (OH MY WORD)

Tuesday: Pumpkin

Wednesday: Spicy Carrot

Thursday: Strawberries and Cream (Note: this is my least favorite cupcake day… but I don’t like chocolate… so this may be your favorite day)

Friday: Blackberry Passion Fruit

Saturday:Meyer Lemon Raspberry

Sunday: Toasted Coconut

Haha! 😀 Let me know if you try any of them. I’d love to know what the other’s taste like!

Also… unlike Food (see Previous Entry) definitely, definitely judge this place by the website. Seriously, the website is a sight to see… just like their cupcakes are a taste to try!


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