Balloon Phobia

Fact about Heather (pre recently): I hate balloons.

If you gave them to me on my birthday (this was something girls did in our high school- give their friends flowers or balloons on their birthday and they’d walk around school looking like a gift shop vomited on them) I would let them fly away. I didn’t like them, they creeped me out. Furthermore I (still true) FREAK OUT get scared when they pop. Seriously, I’m one of the jumpiest people that I know and popping balloons scare the crap out of me.

Since entering blog land a bit ago, I’ve seen countless balloons in weddings and different pictures. Then Disney Pixar’s UPcomes out (still have not seen this but I have heard remarkable things) and it also follows around balloons. What is it world? Why are we suddenly so obsessed with balloons?! They’re strange and rubbery and they smell funky and the POP so loud and ohh… oh man… they make some beautiful images!


1. Cup of Joe 2. enJOY it 3. & 4. Style Me Pretty 5. OhJoy! 6. Neighbor’s facebook page (I can’t believe he’s going to prom I used to babysit for him)- check out the background with the balloons, I LOVE that idea! So simple and sweet but I love the strings hanging down.

Crap… I think I really like them! Especially the huge round ones that are much more circular than the normally oval ones. Ok, fine… hello balloons, you’re really cute and whimsical!


Side Note: That one picture of me kissing a balloon is the first balloon I’ve ever accepted on my birthday– it was also at an SC football game and from B and Hoff and I may have been a few drinks in. Oh, and it was a princess balloon. How could I say no?!

One response to “Balloon Phobia

  1. i loveeeeee balloons. no idea why but i do! ❤

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