Another day with CB

Dear Boss (CB) Willy, you are insane!

CB[2:59 PM]:
I’m so bloated heather
CB [2:59 PM]:
I had to unbutton my pants
CB [2:59 PM]:
I hate being a fatty
CB[3:00 PM]:
I’m like Willy
CB[3:00 PM]:
you know, from Free Willy?
CB[3:00 PM]:
call me Willy from now on
CB[3:00 PM]:
that’s all I’ll respond to



I should let you know that this boss of mine… the woman that the men in Chiat call “Unicorn” is probably about 110 pounds and half of that weight is in her chest. Oh, and she had a baby four months ago. If youare Willy… what does that make me? Shamu?!

One response to “Another day with CB

  1. :-O. You’re skinnier than me you biotch.

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