Jon- the miracle

He’s so rad & has the most unbelievable story to tell.

Check out the story that Fox Sports West did on Jon.

He has so many angels in the sky… from Nick, Courtney, Henry as well as Devin.  That’s one crazy army of a support team looking out for him.


One response to “Jon- the miracle

  1. Monday July 6th let us thank you!

    On behalf of the Wilhite family, we would like to Thank the O.C. Flyers for allowing the fans to attend at “no cost” of admission on Jon Wilhite Night, so we have the forum to say “Thank You”

    We would like you to fill the house. (Game time 7pm Be there early)

    The OC Flyers have provided us the forum to invite you, so we can say “thank you”, from the bottom of our hearts”. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during our time of need. Your thoughts and prayers have allowed Jon, not only the opportunity to be here with us today, but the strength to battle through the first few miles on his long road to recovery. We would like all of you to know, you have made a difference in our lives, so please attend so we can show you our gratitude.

    The Titan family has given Jon, and our family, so much strength and joy, over the years.There is nothing better, than to be able to say “Thank you” at C.S.F. Goodwin Field where there are so many great memories for us, with friend, and Former “Titan Great” Phil Nevin at the helm of the OC Flyers.

    Again please be there if you can, because we owe you so much, for what you have done for us.

    Go Titans…Go Flyers!

    The Wilhite Family

    Update on Jons Recovery Fox TV

    1st night…ne-survivor.htm
    2nd night…e1-abc630bce88e

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