Goodbye Michael

I’ve stayed mostly mum regarding the loss of MJ for two reasons. 

ONE: I didn’t know him personally– while I am saddened and reminded again how precious life is– I can’t morn people whom I did not know.  I’ve had to morn too many people that I did know.

TWO: One of my best friends did know him personally… she did commercials as a child and has a lazy eye to thank one of MJ’s horses for. haha.  She’s had a hard time through the years defending him though she’s done a wonderful job… you can see her and her two brothers in the below video from the 1993 Super Bowl (seriously though, such an amazing song).  Skip ahead to 1:08- she’s the one in red with the ridiculous pink bow on top of her head (nice Mrs.A!) and her brothers are next to her in the green and yellow.  Such a fun family that have only the best things to say of all Michael did for them.

I will mention, that as his family and fans lay his body to rest, that he truly did revolutionize music and the world.  How neat is the video?  So cool that so many people around the world know him and his moves (though some do it rather poorly- my moon walk to come at a later date [read: never]).  So cool that someone could bring together so many different people.  How amazing is music?


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