Sunday Seven #3

Yup… I’m late, once again.  Life has been SO hectic recently… being late with this blog is something that I’m just going to have to accept (if you know anything about me, it’s that I haaaaate being late).  Work has been crazy (10 hour+ days comin’ atcha’) and life in general has been pushing me to a breaking point.  But… I see a finish line, well a finish line for this leg of the race.  More to follow with that as it develops.

This past weekend was AMAZING.  I had Friday off, which was great!  Thurs night I got dinner with JL at Habachi (this is one of my favorite restaurants in the South Bay…mmmm Artichokes) and then baked a cake for dessert for Friday (this was anniversary weekend!).  Friday I was able to do a Bikram class with PR (note to self… drinking way too much wine the night before Bikram is a terrrrrible idea… don’t do it).  Then it was off to Newport for anniversary celebration!  B and I promised no gifts (neither of us have the means to do so) but he said he had a surprise and that he was taking care of dinner.  It was dinner on the sand!  This was perfect because I had surprised him with a cake for dessert.  What a great night!  Saturday we went to the Snoop Dogg & Slightly Stoopid concert at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.  Wow.  This was a scene.  After you got past the drunk teenagers and the copious amounts of pot that was all around you (seriously, I think I may have walked out of that place with a second hand high- and it’s outside!)… it was such a great concert (one bad part that I’ll talk about later).  Snoop really is such a performer, which is hilarious.  I imagine that he looked up in the crowed and thought to himself “Holy sh*t… that’s a lot of white people” haha.  But then again, he is touring with Slightly Stoopid!  Sunday we had an amazing day on the boat!  We saw (truly no exaggeration) about 30 dolphins!  There was a huge pod of them.  B would speed up the boat and they would play in our wakes!  I was in complete awe and excitement… what an amazing world we live in.  Oh, and I’m officially a lobster.


1. I spent the rest of my Thursday night watching Mad Men on DVD and baking a cake!

2. The final cake.  There are as many strawberry halves as months since we first started dating (unofficially for 9 months… officially for three years… haha, I know)

3. Delicious dinner on the beautiful ocean.

4. Wonderful B enjoying his home (he truly is a dolphin).

5. I absolutely LOVE outdoor events (whether it be eating outside, or listening to music… I love being outdoors on beautiful days/ evenings).

6. We were smack in the middle of the amphitheater and that’s looking to my right… the left looked the same… have you ever seen so many lighters?!

7. This hat is the only reason my face isn’t as burnt as the rest of my body!  Good thing I found it in the truck and grabbed it at the last minute!  Look how blue the water is!


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