The Most Delicious Snack

Ooohhh my.  This is my absolute favorite thing to eat right now.  After dinner, I had it as dessert (that’s how much I like it).  My mother discovered this Tomato-Less Salsa at a dinner party… it was in a gorgeous bowl and she hunted down the woman who “made” it.  As soon as she found her she exclaimed that she MUST have the recipe.  To which the woman whispered ,”Trader Joe’s… sshhhh.”  She went straight to TJ’s and added it to her fridge the next day.

While house sitting for M&D one weekend I discovered it in their fridge.  She came home and said to my dad “Heather must have discovered the corn salsa!”  Oh, did I ever.  I’ve always been a pita and hummus kind of girl, although I’ve recently discovered that hummus doesn’t sit all that well with my stomach (note: nothing really does).  Do yourself a favor, go to Trader Joe’s and pick up the Reduced Guilt Pita Chips (all of the flavors are fantastic) & the Corn and Chili Tomato-Less Salsa.  Like I said, OH MY GOODNESS.  SO SO fabulous.  The corn salsa has a small bit of spice, which is just the perfect amount.  I hope you have a TJ’s by you, so many fantastic finds!  And to think, I once only knew them for their two buck Chuck.snachmosa


2 responses to “The Most Delicious Snack

  1. If you eat all of it pick up another jar. You are a big girl now

    Love Dad

  2. Seriously, this is the best salsa ever!

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