Sunday Seven

What another wonderful weekend! The fun began on Thursday night when I went to the American Idol Tour at Staples Center. I am not an American Idol fan, but I did bring a friend who was. She cued me on the individuals as they sung their sets. I can’t believe that a man who is blind can play the piano like this one did. Phenomenal. I just love live music!

Sunday Seven

ssmosaic31. Stove Top Quick Cups– I picked this up on a whim at the grocery store a month or so ago… oh my goodness! Seriously, they taste almost exactly the same as the box and are so easy to cook (just add water and microwave)! Great pick up.

2. American Idol winner Kris Allen performing

3. One of my mom’s two cats (this one is Hansel, the other is Grettle- they were rescue kitties). I want my own so badly!

4. Nordstrom’s Half Early Sale is going on now!

5. Artichokes!! Oh I love love LOVE artichokes! We had date night on Friday and went to Habachi (yes, the same one I mentioned in the last Sunday Seven… seriously, so delicious). YUM as always!

6. After dinner we headed to a bar where we got Mind Erasers! I haven’t had one of those in about three years. I forget how much I love Kahlua! By the way, this made our two mile walk home interesting! haha 🙂

7. Cupcake Ice Cream Cones- I made these for my girlfriend’s birthday yesterday. They were a HUGE hit. I’ll post a tutorial/recipe on here tomorrow or Tues.

Off to bed now. Need to get back on the gym wagon this week. Totally fell off the past couple of weeks… woops!


One response to “Sunday Seven

  1. Cupcake Ice Cream Cones! Totally looking forward to that recipe. Might surprise the man with it one day next week.

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