Family to the Rescue…

Tonight I missed an Angel game because a coworker got slammed in the office… and we carpooled.  I was most excited about this game because BD was there and had the other set of tickets.  Anyway, after four isolated incodents of terrible news I figured it was time to get my butt a ride home before I started crying at work (again).  Fortunately for me (and my dignity) another coworker who lives near me was heading home.  I quickly closed up shot and caught myself a ride home.  On the drive it took everything inside of me from not bawling.  It was just, overall, an absolteuly horrendous day.  Nothing went my way, I ended up back at square one on a few different things in my life… I complained, she listened.  I then asked how her weekend was.  She told me she went back to SD (her hometown) to be with her roommate’s family (who is also from SD).  Turns out her roommate’s father was given a few days to live (Pancreatic cancer).  HELLO real life.  I looked at her and said “thank you.”  She looked at me bewildered and I said…. “I’m so so sorry for your roommate, truly my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and I couldn’t fathem what she’s going through.  Also, thank you for reminding me how trivial the things that I’m going through right now are.”  She tried to say no no, that we all have our bad days and that she wasn’t trying to lessen my problems.  I knew that wasn’t the point, but I was so grateful that I randomly hitched this ride home with her and was brought back to reality.  Mind you, her roommate is a HUGE wedding freak (like I am).  She reads blogs, watches the shows, loves all of the magazines.  As son as she told me about her father my heart sunk… I immediately went to her walking down the aisle without her Daddy. 😦

Nevertheless, the second I stepped into the door at my apartment the tears began to fly off of my face.  I went to see my parents and just said “I know God has a plan, and I know life is so much bigger than all of these little obstacles, and I know I’ve gone through worse and will go through worse… but right now I’m really sad and bummed and I need to cry because I’m so frustrated!”  My mom smiled and said “Tonight you get your pitty party.  You get to cry and say woe is me.  But tomorrow, tomorrow you’re over this.  Tomorrow you accomplish new and great things.” To which I replied, “Okay, but right now I’m going to cry.”  She smiled and asked if I wanted a glass of wine… obviously I said yes.  I then began to sing.  A song to the tune of “Oh Happy Day”… except the words to this were “Ooohhh crraappppyyy ddaayy” (mom echoed: Oh crappy day).  Our song was interupted by a knock on my door.  It was my best friend sister with a bottle of wine, a warm hug and two great ears.  How blessed am I?

wilhiteTo top things off, I got a phone call from BD at the game.  He saw a Wilhite jersey for sale.  You know, my friend/hero/most awesomest person ever who survived the Nick Adenhart crash (which also took the lives of Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson)…. yea, they were selling TWO jerseys with his name on it.  BD asked if I wanted it and I said YES!  I’m going to have him sign it and it’s going to be with the rest of my memorabilia (football signed by Coach Carroll, basketball signed by the USC bball team, SD Chargers jersey signed by LT)… yup, it’s going to go right up there.  And it’s going to be a great reminder that all the little problems are so silly… that life is so much bigger than you and I, but that we also have so much control over your life and destiny.  There is a reason that you’re here on the planet… there’s a reason God kept you alive… so you better work your butt off to be the best you that you can be.  And be so grateful for every moment you’re given.

Thanks family.


2 responses to “Family to the Rescue…

  1. You have great family and friends! Keep your head up!

  2. reading this was my “wake up and look at the bigger picture” moment that i needed. thank you. wine and good friends and family often lessen the blow of those rough days. hope all starts to look up from here!

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