Sunday Seven

Okay, so it’s Tuesday… but let’s be honest, you know I’ve had a rough few days. Today was no different. I broke down again at work (so much is going on with me beyond work and frustration but also physically) but it’s nothing I can’t get through. I sent BD an email just saying how I didn’t know how to calm down and this was his response:

Stop stressing about this stuff babe, a year from now, two years from now these things aren’t going to matter. Just focus on the tasks at hand and look at the cup half full.
If you don’t then you are just wasting your time. Address what’s in front of you, forget about what’s behind you and don’t pay attention to the rest.
And remember that you have 3 boat loads of people that love and care about you.
And don’t forget I love you. (Grandma says hi)

How amazing is he?  I was able to do a lot of cool things over the last week, but I decided to go through my pictures on my iPhone (and I grabbed one from facebook so I could get KG in there) and grab pictures of people who I’d recently seen and who are part of my boat. 🙂


1. MS- who will be MA on 9/25/10.  Such an amazing woman.  I’m so excited for this wedding and that two of the most amazing people I know will be married forever.  SUCH good things to come!! (With her permission I’ll update you on her nuptials)

2.  JD.  The only sister to BD… a woman I hope to one day be able to call my sister.  She’s full of so much life and so potential.  So excited to watch her grow up.

3.  My best friend sister and my best friend.  Simple as that

4.  Isn’t she the most beautiful bride?!  Another best friend from high school who I was so blessed to see this weekend.  She threw a great dinner party at her and her husband’s house.  I only got one picture unfortunately, but will let you know more about that later.  That girl has turned into such an amazing wife and quite the party thrower!

5.  Kicker Joe!  Our little kicker.  I’m so proud of him and how hard he’s working (despite what that picture looks like).  He’s been working his tail off to earn a spot as the place kicker for USC.  Keep your eyes pealed for #30

6.  My Papa Bear.  BD’s roommate and truly my best guy friend.  He means the world to me and always fills me with laughter (and cocktails). 😉  He’s family.

7.  RIP Fishie!!  I know, this one seems a little out of place… but I LOVE pets.  I want a kitty so so badly (really want a dog, but can’t afford one and don’t have the time for one) but have had this beta fish for about a year.  So dorky, but I loved waking up and feeding him and coming home and feeding him.  He’d been practicing to become a synchronized swimmer recently… doing back flips, head stands for hours… turns out he won’t be making it to the next Summer Olympics.  RIP Master P (that’s a long and disturbing story of how I got that name… for another time)

Obviously, there are so many people that affect my day every day.  But these are a few randos that brought spars to my life this week 🙂

One response to “Sunday Seven

  1. happy thoughts coming your way! 🙂

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