The Perfect Ice Cream

articA friend just told me about this “Artic Zero” ice cream.  It’s 134 calories for a PINT.  Yes, you read that right… a WHOLE PINT is only 134 calories.  I’m sure you’re thinking: “Well Heather, it’s probably jammed with chemicals!”  To which I say: “Well blog reader, its actually ALL natural!”  To which you may say: “Well Heather, you’re lactose intollerant… I don’t want to sit next to you after you eat that.”  To which I’d reply: “It’s LACTOSE FREE!”  You may then ask “Well, does it taste like water?!”  And I would let you know that I don’t know (yet)…  I’ve heard great things though from a friend of mine and am definitely looking to pick it up.  Have you tried it before?  Apparently you can get it at your local Bristol Farms (I can’t even remember the last time I was in a BF!)  YUM!


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