Welcome to The Soup!

soupmosaicMy coworkers and I went to a taping of The Soup last night (it airs tonight at 10pm on E! Network).  Not going to lie, I’ve really only seen the show a couple of times… however, it was a lot of fun!  I’ve never been to a taping of a show and it was interesting to see how it all goes down behind the scenes.  This show is SUPER low budget and is only a 30 minute show, however it was a lot of fun.  The host, Joel McHale was a lot of fun and very friendly with the audience (which was only about 30-40 people).  In the front row was a famous host across the pond- Europe (read: we had no fing clue who he was) but Joel kept chatting with him about the differences of their shows.  For one, EuroHost has gotten three free cars (one which he did not accept… and it was an Ashton Martin).  Joel about flipped his lid as his free car count is CERO (zero).  Poor guy… all he gets is a shitton of free designer clothing… (read: wtf?! how do I become famous!?). haha 😉  We really had a fun time hanging out and watching it all be done.  We had an opportunity to meet Joel at the end who asked if we were  a sorority… no, in fact, we all work together.  Joel responded with “UM WHERE?!” 😉  We’ve got a fun group of girls!

Note: In case you were wondering… why yes that is a nose, gun and pill bottle hanging from the ceiling in the middle photo…

Woots! 😀  Have a wonderful weekend… it’s going to be a fun one… SIX MAN in Manhattan Beach!


One response to “Welcome to The Soup!

  1. OMG! I’m so jealous!! Lizzie’s goal in life is to be on The Soup. I would’ve paid big bucks to go to a taping of that show!!

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