Late Night Happy Hour

Life (specifically work) has been crazy recently… sorry I’ve been MIA, but it will probably continue a little bit longer… In the mean time…

I’ve always been so frustrated with “Happy Hours” seriously… these are geared towards the working people, but who the hell gets out of work at 5pm anymore?  Maybe I’m in the wrong industry, but I’m rarely out before 6:30… 7pm is my “average” exit hour.  Therefore, all happy hours are usually over by the time I get there.  Fortunately, one place is getting it together… check out this great late night happy hour for all of you Westsiders:


  The Le Troquet Terrace Bar Delivers Late Night Food and Drinks Deals For The Working Class 

  WHAT:                                 Here’s a deal for the work hard, play hard set.  Ever wondered why all the local happy hours are for people who get off of work at 5 p.m.?  What about everyone else, slaving away till the wee small hours?  Le Merigot’s al fresco bar Le Troquet has come to the rescue of cubicle-bound Westsiders by recently launching its late night happy hour.  From Monday through Friday, visit Le Troquet from 8 to 10 p.m. for an unbelievable deal in a sublime setting.  Appetizers and small plates are 30% off and well drinks are 50% off.   Come in soon to enjoy items such as Tuna Tartar, finger-licking Le Troquet Crab Quesadilla or the classic Steak Au Poivre.  Libations include the Colada Me Coco, the Berry Belini or the Honey Lips Martini.  

WHERE:                               Le Troquet at Le Merigot -A JW Marriott Beach Hotel and Spa

                                                1740 Ocean Ave.

                                                Santa Monica, CA 90401
                                                (310) 395-9700

                                                For more information visit

 WHEN:                                 Open Daily: Sun-Thurs 2:00 PM –11:00 PM; Fri & Sat 2:00 PM – Midnight

Happy Hour:  Mon-Fri 8:01 PM –10:00 PM          

 THE DEAL:                         30% off of Le Troquet Menu

                                                50 % off Well Drinks (excludes beer and wine)

Let me know how it is!  Love to Happy Hour goers everywhere!                                                            

One response to “Late Night Happy Hour

  1. the calendar girls

    i feel ya sister! thanks for the heads up… AND it’s in my hood! double woo!

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