Happy Birthday, Love the BF

I know, I know… I’ll update shortly (I’ll be unemployed in two weeks from today and will be able to update more then and fill you in on the life altering decision I made…) But for now,

The BDay is on Sunday and it has TOTALLY surprised me this year. I’m a big birthday person (read: only child), so usually I get super excited and plan something ahead of time. Due to above mentioned life-altering decision (LAD), it’s truly just crept up on me. I have an endoscopy on Friday (yikes) and they boyfriend is going out of town this weekend for the Ohio State vs. USC (Go Trojans!!!!) game. I was planned to go… but above LAD is now taking up my weekends. Anyways, he sent me the following from SomeeCards

Picture 1&

Picture 2

Thanks babe, lova ya too. :p


One response to “Happy Birthday, Love the BF

  1. how cute!!!!!!! 🙂

    thanks for your comment. one day i will announce to the world that boyfriend and i got…..! (it’s like i’m afraid to say it.) hahahah


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