Life Update

Oh my there is much to share. A month ago I was in Idaho with B and his family. I had the most amazing 9 day vacation I’ve ever had (I will share pictures when *ahem* someone uploads them off of his camera). We shot guns, we played on ATVs, we hiked, we floated down the river, we wake boarded, we cliff jumped and we tubed… I believe I’m missing something. Like I said, we did everything! While being there I started getting anxiety about having to go back to work. On the plane I looked at B and said “I really… really do NOT want to go back, I hate that place.” I’ve been saying this for a long, long time. He smiled and said “Well, do something about it… pplleeaasseee.” Translation “I’m so tired of hearing you b*tch.” I’ve been blessed to have amazing coworkers and truly that is the only reason that I lasted there so long. I came home from work Monday night in tears. Had a cocktail with my family and went on a huge tyrant about how miserable I was. My dad asked what I wanted to do… “Law school” was what I said… his response was “Finally.” I signed up for the LSAT and for a test prep course the next day. I spoke with my boss and asked if I could leave 15 minutes early on Tuesdays…. I said I would come in an hour early and work through lunch… in a word or less (and trust me… there were words) she said no. After the weekend, with the support of my family and B, I gave my two week notice. I then went into panic mode trying to figure out a job and medical insurance. Honestly, I didn’t sleep for about four days. I hate when I let my nerves get the best of me…. well,this past Monday I was approved for my health insurance (and I’m only paying about $25 more a month than I was when my work was providing it), then on Tuesday I GOT A JOB! I’m now officially a personal assistant. Today was my first day on set. It was crazy, hectic and exciting… so neat to see different things. So now, I’m in “the industry,” have my own health insurance and am studying for the LSAT. Great things are happening and I feel SO blessed!

face cake!

face cake!

Face cake!!

Also, Wednesday night CB threw a Going Away Party. I was BLOW AWAY. Truly, it was so amazing… a great amount of people showed up and there was face cake! Fittingly, it said “We’ll miss you bitch” ha… aren’t they sweet!? CB insisted on eating my face and I begged for the “Bitch.” So goodbye nasty job and nasty people, hello new gig and new great people. Though, I am not going to lie… my life is not the same without CB 24/7… le sigh.


One response to “Life Update

  1. oh congrats my love.
    this is great news.

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