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If I were a cat

I’m pretty sure I’d look exactly like this:


Haha how ridiculous is it that my cat is so much like me?  Classy choice in bags, studying hard for the LSAT, loves his teddy bear and sometimes just plops back and gives big hugs.  Love my Hansel! 😀


Love Tattoo

Okay, so I’ll admit, boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos are tacky… and I’m a tattoo kind of girl (sorry, can’t help it)… every time I see a name tattooed on someone a little piece of me dies.  But ugh, this picture just grabs my heart.  Don’t worry, I would neeeeever.  BUT I would LOVE a beautiful picture of this (as a henna tattoo)… ooo I’m in love… and will make it happen!

wristloveImage found here.

Wedding Blogs and Irrational Fears

Just to put myself fully out there… I follow about 5 (or 10) wedding blogs. We’re talking religiously follow. They’re on my google reader and I check them regularly on my iPhone.

I should point out the problem: I am not engaged. I’m 99.999% certain I’m nowhere close to being engaged. I’m also very okay with that.

At my last job I received bridal magazines all the time. I stored them under my bed refusing to look at them until I was engaged. I then had this overwhelming fear. You see, I AM one of those girls who has been dreaming about her wedding day since she was 5. My mom use to bribe me to go to the grocery store with her by promising me a bridal magazine. I have a collection of porcelain bride dolls (Princess Diana included of course) that are somewhere stored. Anyways, I realized that after I get engaged for real that that’s it. I’m planning my wedding once and only once. It will be silly for me to look at everything after I’m married, especially because I’m one of those “dammit why didn’t I think of that!?” kinds of people. So I decided F it. I’m following and reading and swooning non-stop. The good news is, B knows I’m a crazy wedding person. The bad news is, I want like three weddings so that I can have three different color pallets. I’ve decided I’m going to have to strike it big and throw an amazing anniversary renewal of the vows sometime (maybe 10 years after?) so that I can play with colors again. 😉

My wedding obsession (here on out MWO) of the moment is grey suits for the men. Looooving the softness it creates! I also love that you can pair any color with it and not be worried about the drastic feeling black tends to do to any color.

I should also mention that I am SO inspired by that wedding!

Halloween HeatherB Style

Pictures were cropped on their own unfortunately… but you can get a pretty great idea of my Halloweenie! 😀  This was also my last horrah besides Thanksgiving and the USC vs (f)UCLA football game… other than that, I’ve locked myself in my cave 😀


Halloween Mommasita Style

Let me begin this with a caveat about my mother and Halloween (well, my parents and Halloween). I have grown up in a very Christian household (mom is on the worship team and dad is an elder at our church)… therefore, Halloween has never been on the top of our “Celebrated Holidays” list… actually, for the past umm ten years or so, our doorsteps lights have been completely off. Back when I was the age to Trick-or-Treat, however, my parents did decorate. We have this fun walkway that would be covered in spider webs and pumpkins (no skeletons, nothing demonic)… at the end of the walkway you’d find our front door where my mother would be waiting to hand out candy. Oh… I forgot to mention the HUGE sign at the end which read:

“Don’t get caught in the devil’s web… for a better life, try Jesus instead!”

Come on, you have to hand it to them, that’s pretty witty! 🙂

Shortly after that, the Halloweenness disappeared from our home (I think this was large part in due that I wasn’t running around with my dad, my neighbor Kaley and her dad… therefore, Mom didn’t really have a reason for setting everything up). That all…. just changed!! You see, my old boss (CB) is OBSESSED with Halloween. My mom started saving things she saw (in magazines, catalogs, etc.) for CB. I think through this, she quickly became enthralled with having a “Holy Halloween Dinner” (how cute is she!?). I was able to give help her party just a little with the cutest Deviled Eggs ever!! She made them as one of the appetizers and they were a HUGE hit! (Hint: to make Deviled Eggs especially delicious, make sure to use a sweet mustards as well as a tab of worchestire sauce)  She also made spaghetti (which she died black) with a delicious homemade marinara sauce over it. For dessert she served an amazing pumpkin dish.  My mom never small with ANY dinner party that she throws.  Unfortunately I was out on my own adventures (Halloween HeatherB Style to follow) and wasn’t able to see all of her guests, but I was able to stop by and see her amazing table!!  How cute is she?!



I’m baacckk!!

Well, I never really left… I’ve still been following all of you (love google reader on iPhone) but the new job makes it a little more difficult to post… I’m no longer sitting at a computer all day (or at all actually). Finally, I decided that it was time to post again and am doing so from my iPhone. Therefore, please excuse my elementary typing as I’m doing it all with my thumbs! 🙂

Life has been… bbbuusssssssyyyy. I know you don’t like it when people say that because everyone is busy… but man, I’ve seriously been busy! Work is crazy… like 6am call time (4:30am alarm) and back home at midnight crazy. But, it’s also been great! I’ve been given the opportunity to be a personal assistant to an actress. She is amazing! Her name is Katie Cassidy, she’s Ella on Melrose Place (9pm, Tuesdays on The CW)… and is so much fun. Truly this woman is mature beyond her years (almost 23), stunning, fun and driven. I’m absolutely impressed and in awe with her dedication to her craft and everything she does. I also have been given the opportunity to get to know Heather Locklear, Michael Rady and Jessica Lucas. The three of them are all such wonderful people and are an absolutely blast to be around. Heather is fun, goofy, sweet and entergetic. Michael, Jessica and Katie are going to go so far in their careers, I have no doubt in it at all. If you haven’t been watching the show, give it a chance… it’s getting a lot lighter hearted and a lot more exciting. Furthermore, follow the story line between the four, it’s great and their acting is exceptional.

The LSAT studying…. oh the LSAT studying. It’s not going like it should be but this month is crack down month. I’m locking myself in for the remainder of November and will see the light of day on December 5th (with the exception of the USC vs. UCLA game and Thanksgiving dinner of course). This is the one chance for the rest of my life… eks, I’m excited. I’m so so excited to be onto the next stage of my life! I just want to know where I’m going already!

The boyfriend… swoon… we had a great weekend. Sunday was one of those laugh until your stomach hurts kind of day… I mean tickle wars, wrestling, laughing, throwing stuff at each other and chasing each other around, it was the kind of thing you do when you first start dating… though we’re actually over four years now on the “dating” cycle (a little over three on the whole “you’re my boyfriend” thing). Days like that keep me going. This man is so loving, patient, kind, funny, gooooood lookin’, and just amazing. There’s a few things I’m waiting for him to do to know it’s 100% right, but man, I can’t imagine it not being right. So fortunate to have him!

Look out for a post later this week on Halloween. My mom threw a few amazing dinner parties and I had my own weekend of craziness. Stay healthy and lovely, blogland. It feels good to be back 🙂

Suntise in North Hollywood, Sunset off of Vista Del Mar... rarely do I see the two, as I usally start my day in the black sky and end it in the black as well... but oh, how beautiful!