Halloween Mommasita Style

Let me begin this with a caveat about my mother and Halloween (well, my parents and Halloween). I have grown up in a very Christian household (mom is on the worship team and dad is an elder at our church)… therefore, Halloween has never been on the top of our “Celebrated Holidays” list… actually, for the past umm ten years or so, our doorsteps lights have been completely off. Back when I was the age to Trick-or-Treat, however, my parents did decorate. We have this fun walkway that would be covered in spider webs and pumpkins (no skeletons, nothing demonic)… at the end of the walkway you’d find our front door where my mother would be waiting to hand out candy. Oh… I forgot to mention the HUGE sign at the end which read:

“Don’t get caught in the devil’s web… for a better life, try Jesus instead!”

Come on, you have to hand it to them, that’s pretty witty! 🙂

Shortly after that, the Halloweenness disappeared from our home (I think this was large part in due that I wasn’t running around with my dad, my neighbor Kaley and her dad… therefore, Mom didn’t really have a reason for setting everything up). That all…. just changed!! You see, my old boss (CB) is OBSESSED with Halloween. My mom started saving things she saw (in magazines, catalogs, etc.) for CB. I think through this, she quickly became enthralled with having a “Holy Halloween Dinner” (how cute is she!?). I was able to give help her party just a little with the cutest Deviled Eggs ever!! She made them as one of the appetizers and they were a HUGE hit! (Hint: to make Deviled Eggs especially delicious, make sure to use a sweet mustards as well as a tab of worchestire sauce)  She also made spaghetti (which she died black) with a delicious homemade marinara sauce over it. For dessert she served an amazing pumpkin dish.  My mom never small with ANY dinner party that she throws.  Unfortunately I was out on my own adventures (Halloween HeatherB Style to follow) and wasn’t able to see all of her guests, but I was able to stop by and see her amazing table!!  How cute is she?!



3 responses to “Halloween Mommasita Style

  1. If you ever refer to me as “old” again, I will kick you in the balls.

  2. Inspiration Necessary

    I have no balls! woowoo! and I didn’t realllly call you old. ya hag 😉

  3. your mother is so fabulous! i wish i could have seen this “tablescape” in person, and i may steal the black sphagetti idea! how fun!

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