Wedding Blogs and Irrational Fears

Just to put myself fully out there… I follow about 5 (or 10) wedding blogs. We’re talking religiously follow. They’re on my google reader and I check them regularly on my iPhone.

I should point out the problem: I am not engaged. I’m 99.999% certain I’m nowhere close to being engaged. I’m also very okay with that.

At my last job I received bridal magazines all the time. I stored them under my bed refusing to look at them until I was engaged. I then had this overwhelming fear. You see, I AM one of those girls who has been dreaming about her wedding day since she was 5. My mom use to bribe me to go to the grocery store with her by promising me a bridal magazine. I have a collection of porcelain bride dolls (Princess Diana included of course) that are somewhere stored. Anyways, I realized that after I get engaged for real that that’s it. I’m planning my wedding once and only once. It will be silly for me to look at everything after I’m married, especially because I’m one of those “dammit why didn’t I think of that!?” kinds of people. So I decided F it. I’m following and reading and swooning non-stop. The good news is, B knows I’m a crazy wedding person. The bad news is, I want like three weddings so that I can have three different color pallets. I’ve decided I’m going to have to strike it big and throw an amazing anniversary renewal of the vows sometime (maybe 10 years after?) so that I can play with colors again. 😉

My wedding obsession (here on out MWO) of the moment is grey suits for the men. Looooving the softness it creates! I also love that you can pair any color with it and not be worried about the drastic feeling black tends to do to any color.

I should also mention that I am SO inspired by that wedding!

2 responses to “Wedding Blogs and Irrational Fears

  1. I love the color of the bridesmaids dress!

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