Massachusetts Senate

Note: I should first mention that I am a registered independent… and that I am 0 for 2 in my choices for President (as in I voted for Kerry then McCain), so apparently I’m not so good at this whole political thing…

Truly, I’m not one to follow politics much (read: only when it’s presidential time)… which will probably begin to change once I go to law school… however, I couldn’t help but find this a little odd.

I’m sitting in my room watching TMZ (seriously there is nothing else on TV and my sleeping is all sorts of jacked up) and they’re talking about how people are up in arms because the new Senator, Scott Brown, has posed in his unmentionables for Cosmo.  I’ve provided you with the picture below, which was found here.

Ooohh hhheeyyy senator!

They started asking, “What’s next, can Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc. become Senator… ” While, yes, a naked republican senator is not an every day occurrence… Senator Brown took the place of Senator Kennedy… you know… the guy who literally got away with killing someone!? Just sayin’… people are really funny about what they pick and choose to remember.

Oh… and Senator Brown said he did that photo shoot to help pay for law school.  Genius!  No eating plan starts NOW!  Oooo candy!  Crap, I’m screwed… any other suggestions?!


One response to “Massachusetts Senate

  1. wow—great idea to get money i guess. lol

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