Story of the Gingerbread House

Granted… it’s almost February… but the bf finally decided to post pictures from his and his roommate’s Christmas Pajama Party.

Alas, the story of the Gingerbread House… So I got really excited and told the roomies I got a Gingerbread House.  HH’s lady friend informed me that she too bought one.  “Horray!” my competitive ass shouted “We’ll have a competition!!”  Well… we had Baba’s bday dinner party which went way longer then planned (Baba can party… I’ve yet to find a Jewish grandmother that can’t… then again… she’s the only Jewish grandmother I knwo)… and they made theirs while we were out.  We arrived back to the party and I saw the Ginger and said “OOOHHHH it’s on.” Thankfully… it wasn’t a timed competition…

because… if it were… I would have lost.

Hooolllyyyy  sssshhhh**************ttttttt.  I hate gingerbread houses.  Seriously… I don’t think I will ever make one ever again.  Have you made one??  My roof would not stop falling!!!  While everyone was playing I was there… trying to fix the roof.  Note the progression…. when I finished though… let me tell you… it was good.  Definitely winning good.  Till the bf and SJ ate it!!! So busted. haha

Oh, btw… I got the roof to stay by biting off the side of the gingerbread men’s heads to hold up the roof… yup.  True story…

Moral of the story??

If I ever make a ginger house ever again… I will make the boy build it and I will decorate it.


And yes… I hope that plan also works with the real house… just sayin’

One response to “Story of the Gingerbread House

  1. You’re adorable. and I love you. and this was from a boxed gingerbread house too which is even better = no instructions?….my mom’s secret to gingerbread houses is to use a milk carton or paper carton of some sorts and we make this frosting/paste to hold things up, it’s like edible cement and it’s amazing. I will show you next Christmas!

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