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Anticipation UGH!

Tomorrow I start my new job… you see I’m on “hiatus” from boss lady (Melrose is on hiatus and there’s no new movie yet) and so I’m following for two weeks… following as in eventually, I’ll be a waitress.   If you would have told me in May of 2008 (when I graduated from USC and was starting corporate America in a week) that I’d be a waitress a year and a half later I would have laughed at you (note Type A person) I also would not have known… how excited I’d be!!   Weird… life is SO weird right now… and SCARRY… I’m scared as I’ve never done this before… I’m scared because this is not my path, nor is the new path, but is rather just a middle area like purgatory…  I’m scared because I’m a klutz , I’m scared because I’m so out of my element… I’m scared because I haven’t heard from law schools/don’t know my new LSAT score yet… basically… I feel like this:

I have zero control of my life… I’m totally on the outside watching in (or in the case of above… inside creeping out) but the cool thing is… I’m a wee bit excited… and I have an amazingly goofy and supportive creepster by my side

Not too bad, right?



Real quickly… I thought I’d share with you the anomaly that is HeatherBrittany.  Below was my glass and drink choice last night while I was screaming, pacing and forgetting to breathe during the USA vs. Canada Men’s Hockey match (YYEEAAA USA!). The bf continues to look at me in confusion...

Fact 1:  I am a die hard sports fan

Fact 2:  My favorite color is sparkle

Yes… I’m aware…

Congrats on an AMAZING game USA!!  Keep it coming… let’s get that GOLD! (Oh and Ryan Miller… YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE!)


Match Match NO?

Listen… one day… this WILL turn into a wedding blog… I’m sorry, I am that girl… I’ve been holding and storing many a post for that day… but sometimes… I word vomit them

You’re wedding is YOUR wedding… so do what you want…

But I am NOT into the wicked different bride’s maid dresses while all of the groomsmen are dressed the same.  It. PISSES. me OFF.  WHY are ALL of the girls standing out… and WHY do the boys look the same!?  My/HIS boys are JUST as big of a part of OUR life… sorry… I don’t like it… call me traditional (read: I reeeaaallllyyyy am… as in won’t live w/ till wedding day tradITIONAL…) but really… sorry.

This isn’t a cute wedding trend… even if you have the same “scheme” why are the boys not scheming it.  I do NOT dig it… it doesn’t look like a wedding party… it doesn’t look cohesive… it does not look right.  It looks like you told your girls “hey, buy whatever dress you want with this idea” and your guys “YO.  Rent THIS outfit.  THANKS” or…. well… I could go on.  Alas… I will stop.  Just me and mine.  YOU are SO entitled to you and yours. …


YES  &#*$)@*  PLEASE:

“Designed by Aedas Sport, the innovative 75,000-seat stadium will be the first LEED-certified building in the NFL and will capture the luxury and drama of the world’s entertainment capital. The project anticipates completion for the 2013 season. Both the NFL and the client, Majestic Realty, are committed to making a progressive statement with this building and are exploring a number of initiatives that will make this the most environmentally progressive stadium in the U.S. Aedas Sport has employed the unique topography of the site to build the stadium into a hillside, reducing the steel structure by 40% and allowing at least two-thirds of the seating bowl to be built on grade.

A significant coup for the architect, developer and owner, this strategy resulted in an US$800m design — US$400m-$500m less than any other recent NFL stadium proposal. An asymmetrical configuration allows all of the suites and VIP areas to be loaded on the west side of the stadium and integrated into the adjacent retail promenade. While primarily for the NFL, this 365 day-a-year entertainment destination can also accommodate soccer, college and high school football, and large concerts. The stadium powers a retail and entertainment destination, offering flexibility with large, interchangeable sponsorship zones for various audiences. Slated to become the NFL’s first LEED compliant stadium, Aedas’ design includes reduced CO2 emissions, recycling initiatives, and — due to the great reduction of steel in the structure — a significant decrease in hazardous environmental effects associated with material manufacturing and transportation.”


I’m strange… I’m obsessed with sparkle (I  may or may not have identified “sparkle” as my favorite color before…) I drool over clothing… I would way rather drink a cocktail or red wine over beer… I am a neat freak… I don’t eat red meat… or Pig… or any dairy… I sanitize like it’s my job… I live on back scratches… I need attention- kisses, hugs… LOVE…. But I…. I am a HUGE sports fan… you will find a football game on my TV before ANY other show… a Laker game over American Idol (I was there when KB scored 81 points), the Olympics over Project Runway… my butt in the seats of a LA KINGS game over a girl’s night out.  I’m sorry… I LOVE my sports.  (I also bleed Cardinal & Gold) My allegiance to my teams runs deep… EXCEPT for my NFL team… CHARGERS… I LOVE you… but have NEVER been DEDICATED to you… (and not because you break my heart EVERY year… b*atch, I’m a Dodgers fan… I’m use to this sh*t)… but because you don’t make me feel home.  DEAR LOS ANGELES… GIVE ME AN NFL TEAM… FOR REALLLLLZ.

Much love… the sparkle wearing- touchdown loving- HeatherBrittany

Valentine’s Day

So… one of my favorite childhood memories was visiting my mom’s family on Martha’s Vineyard and racing lobsters.  They lived on this beautiful plot of land with a custom house… I still dream of the place and must go back soon!  Well.. we raced lobsters… everyone’s went straight (albeit slowly) and mine B-lined to the left (naturally).

stolen from my cousin's facebook page 🙂 Martha's Vineyard... her backyard

Nonetheless, when bf told me he won a gift certificate for lobsters at his old gig, we decided we’d use it on Valentine’s Day (as we both were recently laid off… kinda sorta…).  When I saw we could get live lobsters I was IINN!!  Lobstie racing here we come!  We also recruited his roommate and his gf…

(Confession… I partially recommended they get lobs too so that I could run away when we cook them… have you cooked live lobsters before?  They ssccrreeaamm – well the air releases through their shells and man… it’s sad.)

Anyways… it also comes with a few clams and chowder… I don’t eat chowder (I’m a lac-tard) so I need recommendations for other dishes to add.  We’ll probably steam a couple of veggies… roommate’s gf loves asparagus, but roommate doesn’t… so that may be out… my FAVORITE FOOD EVER are Artichokes (why I haven’t been surprised with them yet idk ;)) but they take SO long to cook.  Maybe you have a fun quick artichoke recipe?  Or a great appetizer (keep in mind I’m allergic to dairy and would rather not deal with the consequences on Valentine’s Day night… just sayin’)… any great dessert ideas?  I’m thinking about doing something just fruit based since we’ll already have such a heavy meal.  Thanks for your help!


We’re actually doing all of the above on Saturday… Sunday we’re going for a long bike ride and a hike through Crystal Cove.  We’re going to pack a backpack for lunch…. turkey wraps delish! 😀


BLAST!  I haven’t been sick in about a year! (Stomach issues aside because I just consider those life now)… I woke up two days ago with my throat killing me… and then my body today… woof.  I swear by Wellness Formula but stopped taking it because while studying for LSAT (take 2…. which btw went worse then 1… I’m thinking I’ll be a stripper?) because I took it with no food in my system and my stomach does NOT like that (I’ve learned this lesson SO many times, it’s ridiculous)… anyhoo… SHABAAMMMM I got slammed by a cold.  My wonderful friend KSG recommended Cold-Eeze so we’ll see how that goes…

Yesterday I got a little stir crazy while staying at the BF’s and went for a 5 mile walk… while he was at work.  I live about 8 blocks from the ocean… he lives about 8 feet… so I had an amazing stroll

UPDATE: Warning… Cold-Eeze are FOUL. KSG… these things better work because they’re making me sick! Barfff :p

Four Letter Cuss Words

Image found here

I should explain that my love for this word actually has history behind it… while in college TA and I went over to our newer guy friend’s apartment… mind you, these were NEW people who we were hanging out with… they hadn’t quite been desensitized to the hilarity (and vulgarity) that is TA.  We played a drinking game called BEER (real creative title, I know) and one of the cards that was first pulled was Four Letter Cuss Words.  TA started it off with “CUNT!”  Needless to say… the guy to her right had to drink as he was in complete shock that this gorgeous blonde girl just shouted cunt.

But man, it’s a good word.  I’ve reverted to the use of twat instead…