Four Letter Cuss Words

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I should explain that my love for this word actually has history behind it… while in college TA and I went over to our newer guy friend’s apartment… mind you, these were NEW people who we were hanging out with… they hadn’t quite been desensitized to the hilarity (and vulgarity) that is TA.  We played a drinking game called BEER (real creative title, I know) and one of the cards that was first pulled was Four Letter Cuss Words.  TA started it off with “CUNT!”  Needless to say… the guy to her right had to drink as he was in complete shock that this gorgeous blonde girl just shouted cunt.

But man, it’s a good word.  I’ve reverted to the use of twat instead…


One response to “Four Letter Cuss Words

  1. ummmm interesting Heather… give B a nicer v-day card than that please. ;p

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