BLAST!  I haven’t been sick in about a year! (Stomach issues aside because I just consider those life now)… I woke up two days ago with my throat killing me… and then my body today… woof.  I swear by Wellness Formula but stopped taking it because while studying for LSAT (take 2…. which btw went worse then 1… I’m thinking I’ll be a stripper?) because I took it with no food in my system and my stomach does NOT like that (I’ve learned this lesson SO many times, it’s ridiculous)… anyhoo… SHABAAMMMM I got slammed by a cold.  My wonderful friend KSG recommended Cold-Eeze so we’ll see how that goes…

Yesterday I got a little stir crazy while staying at the BF’s and went for a 5 mile walk… while he was at work.  I live about 8 blocks from the ocean… he lives about 8 feet… so I had an amazing stroll

UPDATE: Warning… Cold-Eeze are FOUL. KSG… these things better work because they’re making me sick! Barfff :p


2 responses to “CoughCough

  1. I hope you get better! And I’m totally going to miss living so close to the beach when I move back to Texas.

  2. haha they are not THAT bad. have you tried the citrus flavored ones? The funny taste is the zinc in it and it will help from the cold virus from reproducing, aka shortening your cold, and making it not as worse. be a big girl, now! ;p

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