Valentine’s Day

So… one of my favorite childhood memories was visiting my mom’s family on Martha’s Vineyard and racing lobsters.  They lived on this beautiful plot of land with a custom house… I still dream of the place and must go back soon!  Well.. we raced lobsters… everyone’s went straight (albeit slowly) and mine B-lined to the left (naturally).

stolen from my cousin's facebook page 🙂 Martha's Vineyard... her backyard

Nonetheless, when bf told me he won a gift certificate for lobsters at his old gig, we decided we’d use it on Valentine’s Day (as we both were recently laid off… kinda sorta…).  When I saw we could get live lobsters I was IINN!!  Lobstie racing here we come!  We also recruited his roommate and his gf…

(Confession… I partially recommended they get lobs too so that I could run away when we cook them… have you cooked live lobsters before?  They ssccrreeaamm – well the air releases through their shells and man… it’s sad.)

Anyways… it also comes with a few clams and chowder… I don’t eat chowder (I’m a lac-tard) so I need recommendations for other dishes to add.  We’ll probably steam a couple of veggies… roommate’s gf loves asparagus, but roommate doesn’t… so that may be out… my FAVORITE FOOD EVER are Artichokes (why I haven’t been surprised with them yet idk ;)) but they take SO long to cook.  Maybe you have a fun quick artichoke recipe?  Or a great appetizer (keep in mind I’m allergic to dairy and would rather not deal with the consequences on Valentine’s Day night… just sayin’)… any great dessert ideas?  I’m thinking about doing something just fruit based since we’ll already have such a heavy meal.  Thanks for your help!


We’re actually doing all of the above on Saturday… Sunday we’re going for a long bike ride and a hike through Crystal Cove.  We’re going to pack a backpack for lunch…. turkey wraps delish! 😀


One response to “Valentine’s Day

  1. omg I didn’t know you used to go to martha’s vineyard! how beautiful! When was the last time you were up there? and with lobster, even though I’m not the hugest fan, just try grilling any veggie you like, asparagus, carrots (chopped up), sweet potatoes, green beans with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Or just do a Cesar salad. I’m thinking about making grilled shrimp for my V-day dinner. have fun lover. and goodluck with your baking endeavor

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