Match Match NO?

Listen… one day… this WILL turn into a wedding blog… I’m sorry, I am that girl… I’ve been holding and storing many a post for that day… but sometimes… I word vomit them

You’re wedding is YOUR wedding… so do what you want…

But I am NOT into the wicked different bride’s maid dresses while all of the groomsmen are dressed the same.  It. PISSES. me OFF.  WHY are ALL of the girls standing out… and WHY do the boys look the same!?  My/HIS boys are JUST as big of a part of OUR life… sorry… I don’t like it… call me traditional (read: I reeeaaallllyyyy am… as in won’t live w/ till wedding day tradITIONAL…) but really… sorry.

This isn’t a cute wedding trend… even if you have the same “scheme” why are the boys not scheming it.  I do NOT dig it… it doesn’t look like a wedding party… it doesn’t look cohesive… it does not look right.  It looks like you told your girls “hey, buy whatever dress you want with this idea” and your guys “YO.  Rent THIS outfit.  THANKS” or…. well… I could go on.  Alas… I will stop.  Just me and mine.  YOU are SO entitled to you and yours. …

3 responses to “Match Match NO?

  1. agreed…clearly

  2. haha… i totally saw this wedding awhile ago (i just remembered i havent seen your blog since the first time i checked it out) and i LOVED this wedding. whoops.

  3. Inspiration Necessary

    hahha Tina I LOVE you! and I’m sure most of my internet friends (i.e. you, Elise, Vern lol) probably love this look and I hesitated posting it… but man… I did not like that wedding haha. Though I love all of my friends and my different styles!

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