Anticipation UGH!

Tomorrow I start my new job… you see I’m on “hiatus” from boss lady (Melrose is on hiatus and there’s no new movie yet) and so I’m following for two weeks… following as in eventually, I’ll be a waitress.   If you would have told me in May of 2008 (when I graduated from USC and was starting corporate America in a week) that I’d be a waitress a year and a half later I would have laughed at you (note Type A person) I also would not have known… how excited I’d be!!   Weird… life is SO weird right now… and SCARRY… I’m scared as I’ve never done this before… I’m scared because this is not my path, nor is the new path, but is rather just a middle area like purgatory…  I’m scared because I’m a klutz , I’m scared because I’m so out of my element… I’m scared because I haven’t heard from law schools/don’t know my new LSAT score yet… basically… I feel like this:

I have zero control of my life… I’m totally on the outside watching in (or in the case of above… inside creeping out) but the cool thing is… I’m a wee bit excited… and I have an amazingly goofy and supportive creepster by my side

Not too bad, right?

4 responses to “Anticipation UGH!

  1. What new job are you taking on??

    You’ll be fine, I never thought I would get married but here I am 2 years down the line with my best friend.


  2. good luck love! i know what you mean about the change in plans. you’ll be great. xo.

  3. you will be amazing hun! entertainment is a crazy world…hell, the world is just simply crazy. but we push on and make it through. you’ve got good people with you for the ride…it’ll be fun! xxoo

  4. 1. a waitress – wow, and where? and goodluck because I can be your fellow klutz if you need one.
    2. this picture is hilarious, and i heart you
    3. you wil be FINE! and we already know LSAT2 was great!

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