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THE Artichoke

You should know… Artichokes are my FAVORITE food.  EVER (I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned this on here before).  I mean.  I LOVE them.  If they’re on the menu, I’ve ordered them… with a few exceptions:  1.  While I probably HAVE ordered it, I shouldn’t of: Spinach Artichoke Dip (I’m extremely allergic but oh man do I love it and am a HUGE connoisseur of it) and 2.  If it’s fried/grilled… WOOF!  I like them steamed to perfection.

Anyway, my family is on a bit of a celebration mode.  Seeing that I have to work tomorrow morning (a Saturday) at 7:30am I decided to spend a night in with them.  Initially I got a huge urge to head over to Hibachi, my favorite restaurant in the South Bay.  However, I headed to the grocery store becuase I got an itching to bake.  Truth be told, I love baking but HATE eating what I cook because, well, see this post.  So, while walking through Ralph’s I found myself eyeing Artichokes.  While they are my favorite… I’ve never had quite the luck making them.

“Dammit!”  I thought to myself, “They’re my favorite food, I better as hell learn how to make them right!”  So, I bought three of them.  And, I bought garlic and lemon (inspired from this meal).  I also bought salad fixings (what I know I do well at ha!) and salmon.  I scanned awhile over all of the different salmons and decided on an “all natural,” but frozen piece, which was preseasoned with a Thai pepper (fact: easy and BOMB!).  Obviously, my only feet was: Mr. Artichoke (cubed).

Naturally, I took to blogs and google.  I read, searched, read, and searched.  (go ahead, search “How to cook an artichoke” and you’ll find many options).  I decided to go with this.  So, I trimmed, I cut, I cleaned, I boiled and I steamed.

I followed EVERY direction.  Even put them on the veggie steamier thingiemabommer

and oh…


they were

AAWWFFUULL!! 😦  The were tough and bland and uuggghhh :(.  I was so so sad!  My mom kept telling me to not be sad that sometimes they’re bad artichokes (fact: she’s thrown out many a-artichoke in the past; fact2: I think we’re doing something incredibly wrong).

Ugh, I was so sad.  Everything else was FABULOUS… but the artichokes?  The very reason for my meal?  They were terrible. (Oh, and out of pure stubbornness, I ate the entire damn thing.)  Ugh.

Has this happened to you?  Do you have any suggestions?  What the hell is wrong with my artichoke loving heart?


Legally Blonde (er, Brunette)

I got into a Tier 1 I got into a Tier 1 (translation- a top 100 law school said “Yo, you’re in!”)!!  Thank You God!!  I prayed and prayed and prayed!  I’m so excited to have heard “yes” before I’ve heard a “no.”  Because with every no, I know there’s a YES that exists!  I still have about 10 (HA!) schools to hear from, but thankfully I heard from USD in beautiful San Diego!  Ooo lala I could be near my favorite crafter/blogger!  Alas, I still have a ton of schools to hear from.

I went to an interview today at a school I’m nixing off of my list with a proper low ponytail.  As soon as I got into my car I readjusted my hair.  Truth be told, I’m just a ponytail on top of my head kind of girl…

Keep your hair high and your goals higher! I may need to jump in on the Bump It action for that…

The Perfect One Piece

Fact: I loathe my stomach.  It’s mushy and squishy and jiggles like crazy… it’s just not nice on the eyes.

So, this year I’ve decided to find the perfect one piece.  I’d rather not sit awkwardly with my arms covering my stomach, or frighten passerbyers anymore.  However, I also don’t want to look like I busted out my suit from swim team freshman year of high school (a stint that lasted about, oh, a week… then I became the Boy’s Water Polo TA [Hiizzaaahhh! great plan]).  I also hate the one piece that emerged last summer that just has a piece of material going down the middle... please don’t emphasize my love handles.

Truth be told, I haven’t actively started searching as I’m still refusing to believe that I need to be in a bathing suit again soon… but, thankfully the genius woman behind Because I’m Addicted posted the below magical bit from American Apparel:

Oh HELLO!  I’m sorry, it has a HOOD?!  While I see zero need for a hood in the sun- I’m also OBSESSED with hoods- so WOO!  I’m getting extremely excited but I also know that I need to have that with some reservation as you never know with American Apparel (or bathing suits!) how it will fit.  Stay tuned!  I’m not letting this one run away without a shot.

My sister/PIC/fashionista BF simply said: “Bahahahha” When I send her a pic saying I was obsessed.  Hmmm… does that mean it’s a go… or a no?

What do you think?  Hate or love?

Acoustic Music, S’mores & Wine

JL and I had a girl’s date night a couple of Thursday’s ago and we went to The Union Cattle and were besides ourselves at how wonderful of a night we had!  Not only were we serenaded by the amazing voice of Kevin Sousa but we also had S’mores (UH yea, they’re ON the menu and you get a personal flame at your table!) and glasses (and glasses) of wine.  SUCH an amazing accidental discovery!


Had lunch with JND the other day at Zinc Cafe and seriously… got to make the best meal ever.  It was a little pricey but yyuumm

A Day Of “To Do’s”

So I had the day off and spent it crossing off things on my To Do list.

Unfortunately the list wasn’t:
__ paint
__ sleep in
__ frolic

Instead it was:
__ go to Dr. #1 to continue NoBaby pills
__ go to Dr. #2 to talk about switching (different) prescriptions
__ go to Target to stare at new room decorations to make me from going crazy
__ go to CVS to fill prescriptions

While they weren’t craft and “fun” they were filled with hilarity.  In order of occurrence (and the same as listed above)… here was my ridiculous day of errands which handed me laughter ALL DAY LONG!

At task #1:

While my OB/GYN was chatting me up (seriously… shut-up… it’s awkward… just let it be silent and awkward… don’t pretend to care about my life) we got on the subject of my father being a dentist… to which SHE replied “Oh WOW!  I could NEVER be a dentist!  The MOUTH… YUCK!”



I wanted to give you a second to let what she said sink in to you.  My brain immediately went “I’M SORRY!!!!  DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO!?”


Then I explained the above story to my bf who said “Well, have you seen videos of the mouth?  It’s actually pretty gross!”

To which I replied: “WOW!  You’d make a WAY better lesbian then me [thankfully].”

Appointment #2:

Dr. (who’s dentist is my father) asked how my dad was.  I said: “Great!  He’s backpacking down the Grand Canyon for a week!”

She responded with: “Oh wow!  With your Mom?”

I paused.  Then tilted my head sideways and scrunched my forehead and asked, “Ummmmm.  Have you met my Mom?”

She looked at me with bewilderment, shook her head and said “Is she not ‘OutDoorsie?'”

[Mind you… I explained this story to my mother.  In person.  While she was drinking water…  needless to say… I was quickly drenched…

You see… I’m pretty sure Mattel modeled Barbie after my Mom.  And not “Camping Barbie” but the OG blonde, high healed, hot lady Barbie]

The next to tasks were not quite as hilarious but consisted of two seperate 4 (or 5) year-olds (I’m not really good at baby ages… see NoBaby appointment above…)

[In the Target bathroom… muffled baby crying far outside the walls]
Lil Girl: “Mooooom!  I can still hear IT!”
Mom: “Well, yea… babies are loud”
Lil Girl: “UUUuuggggghhhhhh!! I do NNOOTT like them!!”

[Cut to CVS]
Lil Boy: “MMMOOOOMMMMM!! Give it to me NNOOOWWW!”
Mom: “okay okay okay… I’m sorry… here here here!” [As she hands him baaggss of candy”
Lady….  save yourself now… you have a LOOOONG life ahead of you if you’re letting him control you at the age of four

Nevertheless… thanks for the side burning laughs all day world!

Best day of “boring To-Do’s” CHECK!

Roaring 20’s

A lot of my friends ask me for party theme ideas.  You see… I am obsessed with Themed parties (read: (ex)sorority girl) and have been to a LOT.  So I figure, I can share different parties I’ve attended and maybe you’ll find something to use!

This past weekend my girlfriend had a Roaring 20’s Themed Bday bash.  It was so much fun!  How amazing is that cake!?

love getting back together with the APhi girls!  Love what a great night we had!

TA and I are inverted 😉 and the gorgeous bday girl is in the middle in the back with the most amazing dress ever!

Here’s some more ideas:

1920’S THEME IDEAS: – Black & White
– Speakeasy Bar
– Gangsters / Al Capone / Bugsy Siegel
– Flappers
– Silent Movies
– Jazz / The Charleston / The Black Bottom / The Lindy Hop
– Al Jolson / Duke Ellington / Irving Berlin / Fanny Brice
– Prohibition “Bathtub Gin”
– The Great Gatsby
– Cotton Club / Ragtime Band
– Art Deco / Aviation
– Fedoras / English Driving Caps / Zoot Suits / Wing Tip Shoes
– Model T Fords / Tabloid Newspapers
– Mah Jongg / Oriental Lanterns / Victrolas
– Long Pearl Necklaces / Headbands / Feathers / Cloche Hats

SO many more amazing ideas from Reason to Party (but let’s be honest… do we really need a reason?!)

Thankfully Prohibition is not in effect anymore… I wouldn’t recommend going that intensely into the theme… but hey, each to their own! 😉