Roaring 20’s

A lot of my friends ask me for party theme ideas.  You see… I am obsessed with Themed parties (read: (ex)sorority girl) and have been to a LOT.  So I figure, I can share different parties I’ve attended and maybe you’ll find something to use!

This past weekend my girlfriend had a Roaring 20’s Themed Bday bash.  It was so much fun!  How amazing is that cake!?

love getting back together with the APhi girls!  Love what a great night we had!

TA and I are inverted 😉 and the gorgeous bday girl is in the middle in the back with the most amazing dress ever!

Here’s some more ideas:

1920’S THEME IDEAS: – Black & White
– Speakeasy Bar
– Gangsters / Al Capone / Bugsy Siegel
– Flappers
– Silent Movies
– Jazz / The Charleston / The Black Bottom / The Lindy Hop
– Al Jolson / Duke Ellington / Irving Berlin / Fanny Brice
– Prohibition “Bathtub Gin”
– The Great Gatsby
– Cotton Club / Ragtime Band
– Art Deco / Aviation
– Fedoras / English Driving Caps / Zoot Suits / Wing Tip Shoes
– Model T Fords / Tabloid Newspapers
– Mah Jongg / Oriental Lanterns / Victrolas
– Long Pearl Necklaces / Headbands / Feathers / Cloche Hats

SO many more amazing ideas from Reason to Party (but let’s be honest… do we really need a reason?!)

Thankfully Prohibition is not in effect anymore… I wouldn’t recommend going that intensely into the theme… but hey, each to their own! 😉


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