A Day Of “To Do’s”

So I had the day off and spent it crossing off things on my To Do list.

Unfortunately the list wasn’t:
__ paint
__ sleep in
__ frolic

Instead it was:
__ go to Dr. #1 to continue NoBaby pills
__ go to Dr. #2 to talk about switching (different) prescriptions
__ go to Target to stare at new room decorations to make me from going crazy
__ go to CVS to fill prescriptions

While they weren’t craft and “fun” they were filled with hilarity.  In order of occurrence (and the same as listed above)… here was my ridiculous day of errands which handed me laughter ALL DAY LONG!

At task #1:

While my OB/GYN was chatting me up (seriously… shut-up… it’s awkward… just let it be silent and awkward… don’t pretend to care about my life) we got on the subject of my father being a dentist… to which SHE replied “Oh WOW!  I could NEVER be a dentist!  The MOUTH… YUCK!”



I wanted to give you a second to let what she said sink in to you.  My brain immediately went “I’M SORRY!!!!  DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO!?”


Then I explained the above story to my bf who said “Well, have you seen videos of the mouth?  It’s actually pretty gross!”

To which I replied: “WOW!  You’d make a WAY better lesbian then me [thankfully].”

Appointment #2:

Dr. (who’s dentist is my father) asked how my dad was.  I said: “Great!  He’s backpacking down the Grand Canyon for a week!”

She responded with: “Oh wow!  With your Mom?”

I paused.  Then tilted my head sideways and scrunched my forehead and asked, “Ummmmm.  Have you met my Mom?”

She looked at me with bewilderment, shook her head and said “Is she not ‘OutDoorsie?'”

[Mind you… I explained this story to my mother.  In person.  While she was drinking water…  needless to say… I was quickly drenched…

You see… I’m pretty sure Mattel modeled Barbie after my Mom.  And not “Camping Barbie” but the OG blonde, high healed, hot lady Barbie]

The next to tasks were not quite as hilarious but consisted of two seperate 4 (or 5) year-olds (I’m not really good at baby ages… see NoBaby appointment above…)

[In the Target bathroom… muffled baby crying far outside the walls]
Lil Girl: “Mooooom!  I can still hear IT!”
Mom: “Well, yea… babies are loud”
Lil Girl: “UUUuuggggghhhhhh!! I do NNOOTT like them!!”

[Cut to CVS]
Lil Boy: “MMMOOOOMMMMM!! Give it to me NNOOOWWW!”
Mom: “okay okay okay… I’m sorry… here here here!” [As she hands him baaggss of candy”
Lady….  save yourself now… you have a LOOOONG life ahead of you if you’re letting him control you at the age of four

Nevertheless… thanks for the side burning laughs all day world!

Best day of “boring To-Do’s” CHECK!


One response to “A Day Of “To Do’s”

  1. haha. wow. what a day for you. ps you shoulda done the nobabyring. and agreed. your mother is THE original barbie:)

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