The Perfect One Piece

Fact: I loathe my stomach.  It’s mushy and squishy and jiggles like crazy… it’s just not nice on the eyes.

So, this year I’ve decided to find the perfect one piece.  I’d rather not sit awkwardly with my arms covering my stomach, or frighten passerbyers anymore.  However, I also don’t want to look like I busted out my suit from swim team freshman year of high school (a stint that lasted about, oh, a week… then I became the Boy’s Water Polo TA [Hiizzaaahhh! great plan]).  I also hate the one piece that emerged last summer that just has a piece of material going down the middle... please don’t emphasize my love handles.

Truth be told, I haven’t actively started searching as I’m still refusing to believe that I need to be in a bathing suit again soon… but, thankfully the genius woman behind Because I’m Addicted posted the below magical bit from American Apparel:

Oh HELLO!  I’m sorry, it has a HOOD?!  While I see zero need for a hood in the sun- I’m also OBSESSED with hoods- so WOO!  I’m getting extremely excited but I also know that I need to have that with some reservation as you never know with American Apparel (or bathing suits!) how it will fit.  Stay tuned!  I’m not letting this one run away without a shot.

My sister/PIC/fashionista BF simply said: “Bahahahha” When I send her a pic saying I was obsessed.  Hmmm… does that mean it’s a go… or a no?

What do you think?  Hate or love?


2 responses to “The Perfect One Piece

  1. whoa snap. LOVE the one piece. i’m definitely in that club. let’s go shopping!

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